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Why we love my Fresh Express at home can be summed up in my daughter asking me – “Mummy, when I grow up and have my own house, can I borrow your Fresh Express?”

I had been eyeing the Fresh Express ever since I saw the advertisement on the television and was pleasantly surprised when I received it as a gift for being part of the Tefal Innovation Panel via Mumsnet.

The Fresh Express is compact and looks good and is a great addition to any kitchen. Its bright colours will definitely brighten up anyone’s day. I use it for chopping, grating, slicing virtually all my fruits and vegetables.

Since I have had it, it now rests on my kitchen counter and I have removed another gadget to give it pride of place. It is easier to also have it readily available since I use it so often.

With my children always wanting to be part of the cooking process, I find the Fresh Express a great help as it is quite safe for children to use, of course supervised by an adult. You just switch it on and press on the dial and it does all the hard work.

It is so easy and simple to use – you click in the plastic attachment, then the cone you need and start dicing or slicing your ingredients. The is a slicer, dicer and 3 types of graters. What I like about it is that it is not too noisy as my little girl does not really like the sound of blenders/mixers.


It is also easy to clean as the cones are easily removable and if you just soak it for a little while so you get the food particles out of any crevices , you can have it squeaky clean in no time. Storage is easy as all the cones fit into the plastic attachment and can be clipped in.

The children now have their cereal without grumbling as I chop apples, bananas and walnuts to add to it and this makes a great morning ‘pick me up’.

We also have a fruit salad quite often so I have an excuse to use my favourite gadget.

With the run up to Fresh Week, I have been trying to incorporate more salads into our diet and have made a beetroot salad and coleslaw with red cabbage, carrot, apples and walnut that the children just loved.

It is great for grating cheese and coconut too and slicing onions.

Tefal UK is running a Fresh Week Challenge until the 19 of May so there is still time to get there and have a Fresh Weekend! For those of you who miss out, you could go to their page and like their page and you could get a 25% discount on the Fresh Express when purchased from Home and Cook, Tefal’s E-commerce site.

Here is the link to the coupon: https://www.facebook.com/TefalUK/app_448589555162496

We love the Fresh Express at our home and it has actually made me think up healthier meals just so I can use it!

It may be nice to know that Tefal is in partnership with the British Heart Foundation and they raised £35,000 from the sales of the Fresh Express from January – May 2013.

Some images of the food prepared for FreshWeek –

DSC06542 DSC06545


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