Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys from Flair – A Review

Ethan loves the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT), his favourite being Rafe. We have had the pleasure of attending a TMNT training class and reviewing TMNT toys but this was the best yet.


We were sent a HUGE bundle of TMNT toys to review and for Ethan it was like Christmas had come early.

  • Turtles Dojo product (Inflatable glove or Turtle punch bag)
  • TMNT Party Wagon
  • TMNT combat gear set – Raphael
  • TMNT deluxe Mask
  • TMNT High Flying Blimp
  • TMNT Battle shell figure
  • T-machines garage & lair
  • Half Shell Hero twin pack
  • 2 x Half Shell Hero figures with vehicle




The Party Wagon

This is a brilliant toy/playset. It is a good size and it can fit in the TMNT figures so that’s something that Ethan loves. He also likes the fact that you have to put it together yourself and he loves the weapons that shoot out. The wagon is sturdy and has a lot of cool TMNT designs. There are stickers to stick on as well. The back doow opens and so does a door on the side which Ethan likes as he gets quite frustrated with doors on cars and vans that don’t.

It is one of his favourite toys now and for me it’s great storage for all his TMNT figures.

The only little disappointment for me is that it didn’t come with a figure. Although for once, Ethan didn’t complain about this. He was quite happy to use the figures he already had.

It is priced at about £34.99 and is available at all major retailers.


The TMNT T-Machines Garage and Lair

This is a smallish playset with play at two levels – sewer and street. There is a kind of lift that can transport the vehicle to and from the levels. It is a nice size to carry around for overnight stays at Grandma’s.

It comes with a Raph figure on a T-Rawket which cannot be removed.

Ethan enjoys playing with it and such is his enthusiasm that Aeryn has also been caught up in the TMNT craze.

The playset is compatible with the other T-machines in the range so you can add to the set.

It is priced at about £19.99

TMNT Battle Shell Figure

We received Donatello. Though Ethan has a figure of Donatello, he told me that this one is way cooler as the shell opens to store the weapons. That is kind of cool isn’t it?

The figure is of a good quality and is detailed. It comes with weapons and a staff which can be put into the holder on Donatello’s back. The head and arms are movable and the children are enjoying playing with him.


The High Flying Blimp

This is quite an awesome toy that is perfect for the TMNT.

It consists of an inflatable that is 30 inches long so it is quite large. It can hold upto 5 figures – 4 on the rapelling strings and one in the cockpit.

The undercarriage is attached to the inflatable and has buttons to press to release the figures. It requires quite a bit of space of course when inflated. It is surprisingly light but sturdy enough to support the figures.

The Half Shell Heroes range

The Half-Shell heroes range is a range aimed at younger children and they are more chunky and easier for little ones to hold.


We received Dogpound and Fishface and though I’m at a loss with names of the characters, Ethan is quite happy to update me and give me a course in Ninja Turtles. I’m told that they are the baddies and belong to Shredder’s group so the games involve a lot of fun with ‘goodies’ and ‘baddies’.


Ethan was happy to have yet another Rafe figure – Half Shell Heroes Mini Cycle. This includes a motorcycle and a figure which can be removed. Raph even comes with his signature weapons.


Along with this, we received Michelangelo and the Sewer Cruiser and it is a rather nice little toy for little one. If you press on the telescope type thing on the top, the propeller spins. Mikey can be removed too and played with separately.

The sewer cruiser can be split into two parts to hold a half shell hero each.

We also received some dress up and role play toys which have been reviewed in a separate post.

But here’s our video review – hope you like it.

Disclaimer: I was sent this bundle of toys from Flair to review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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