Teddy Together Nintendo 3DS Review


Who doesn’t like teddy bears? In the new Teddy Together game from Nintendo, you get your very own teddy to look after.


Teddy Together is a lovely new game for children aged 3+.

It starts with a parcel arriving at your home and opens to reveal a teddy bear plush that you can name. Tell Teddy your name and he’ll repeat it back which Aeryn found loads of fun.

Game Play

The game is simple – the more you play with teddy, the more he responds. Teddy asks a lot of questions and remembers the answers for later which is quite a lot of fun. But, he does have a lot of questions so be prepared to answer him.

Being Nintendo, you can also play some mini games with your bear like cook him meals, give him a bath and even do some gardening. As you progress you can go exploring with Teddy.

The game is quite entertaining but targeted to younger children I’d say. Of course, the child would need to know how to read and spell as there are some instances where you need to fill in blanks in sentences. This does help in learning in a way.

If you want a game that gives warm fuzzies then this one is for you.

It is priced at about £31 and is available at all major retailers.

I was sent the above game to review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 


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