Teddy Bear Toast to celebrate National Sandwich Week

In celebration of National Sandwich Week, I was put forward a challenge by ao.com to see how creative we could get with – well – bread.

You never know what you can create with the right tools and an imagination.


We were sent a box of accessories to help us and these consisted of cookie cutters, edible writing pens, icing eyes and some stencils for food.

It arrived just before breakfast on Saturday and the children had to try it out immediately.

We made some delicious Nutella and Peanut butter Teddy Bear toasts and the kids just wolfed them down. It’s amazing how quickly food goes down when made by themselves.


It’s easy to make these. All you need do is toast two slices of bread. Make sure the toast is crunchy. Take the largest bear face shape and cut out from the toast. Spread with Nutella.


Use the smaller shape to cut out the eyes and mouth bit from the other slice. Spread with Peanut Butter.


Cut the nose and spread Nutella on it.

Put the shapes together. Add the eyes. And then draw in the ears and mouth with icing pen.


It looks good and tastes pretty great too.


We also made some dinosaur sandwiches which went down a treat for lunch during the week.

Let’s face it – in the UK, every week is Sandwich Week. Thanks to AO.com though, we are able to make our sandwiches special everyday.

Disclaimer – I was sent the above product to help me get creative with bread. All ideas and opinions are my own.


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