Taking the ‘Blue’ from Blue Monday with Tesco Takeaway Pizzas

The 16th of January was called Blue Monday. It is officially ‘celebrated’ as being the most depressing day of the year as we say goodbye to Christmas, the New Year and the ability to binge of rich food and treats. It’s also still winter and the days are dreary and cold.

We were given an opportunity to ‘celebrate’ Blue Monday and make it a day of fun rather than despair, with Tesco.

Besides being sent a lovely hamper of goodies – games and a blanket, to have fun, we were also sent vouchers to try out the all new sharing Takeaway Pizzas from Tesco.

When I went to Tesco to pick them up, I couldn’t quite make my mind up as there was a pretty good variety and since the pizza is 14 inches, it will serve a family a plenty.

We chose two in the end – Hawaiian Deluxe and Stuffed Crust Ultimate Pepperoni.


The pizzas are in the chilled aisle so it took about 11 – 13 minutes to cook.

The pizza is pretty large and the children could not manage to finish one on their own (shared between 3 of course)

The children LOVE pizza and this went down extremely well.

The Hawaiian Deluxe was tasty and we all enjoyed it. The Stuffed Crust Pepperoni was delicious and I was glad to see that the cheese in the crust was not exceedingly hard but like a freshly made pizza. I quite liked that the pizzas were not incredibly salty, an experience I have had with store bought pizzas in the past.

We were also sent some DVD’s to watch whilst stuffing our faces and it was the best evening ever.

For those who are vegetarian there is the Veggie Supreme or the Cheese Meltdown and otherwise there is BBQ Chicken or Mighty Meat too.

The best part of it all is that the pizzaz are priced at £4.50 each only and I feel this is excellent value for money. In fact, at the time of posting this there is a deal which brings the price down to £3.50 (a complete steal)

What are you waiting for? Make this weekend a movie night celebration with Tesco Takeaway Pizza.


Here’s a little more about the range –

Tesco’s new range of sharing pizzas is inspired by takeaway favourites. Tesco has developed a new range of delicious 14″ sharing pizzas; Veggie Supreme, Hawaiian Deluxe, Mighty Meat Combo, BBQ Chicken Supreme, Stuffed Crust Cheese Meltdown and Stuffed Crust Ultimate Pepperoni. 

I was sent vouchers to purchase pizzas for review and other goodies for a perfect night in.  All ideas and opinions are my own.

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