Take the ColourMatch Personality Test with Argos and colour coordinate your home

imgresI have never given much thought to colour co-ordinating my entire home to match my personality. I choose things to match the walls and carpet of course but normally go for more muted tones, especially in the living room. I also normally purchase products that I think will look good and don’t really follow my instinct with colours (especially when that little voice inside me points to the neon orange)

While I like colour in my home, I am sometimes nervous of how it would look and end up buying the more traditional colours of cream and brown and maroon.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I never would have chosen Apple green as a colour. I am more of a blue person. After taking the personality test, the colour that suits my personality turned out to be Apple Green – Food at the Heart. Surprisingly, that colour quite appeals to me now. It is restful and eye catching and I may include it when choosing my wardrobe in future too.

apple green

Commissioned by home furnishings brand ColourMatch from Argos, a study revealed 

Only 25% of the UK furnishes their property to their own taste

56 per cent only opt for homewares that are ‘unadventurous’

47 per cent furnish their home with the re-sell value in mind

61 per cent people are distinctly unhappy with up to three rooms in their home

43 per cent worry that adding too much of their favourite colour could be too ‘dominating’ in the home

 ColourMatch from Argos has created a simple test making it easy for anyone to identify which colour best reflects your personality at home. To find out yours, visit www.argos.co.uk/ColourMatch It is a fun test and it tells you a little about the kind of home you may have.

Here are 5 tips from Karen Haller, the UK’s leading Colour Psychology Authority for business branding and interiors www.karenhaller.co.uk, for decorating your home.

1. Simply add colour

The simplest and easiest way to instantly add your own personality to your home is through colour. Adding colour to your home doesn’t mean getting the paintbrushes out. It can be as simple as buying a bunch of flowers, a colourful bowl of fruit or home ware accessories.

2. Trust your instinct We all have different personality traits and behaviours. So pick the colour tones that resonate with your personality, those you are instinctively drawn to. This means they’ll have a positive impact on how you feel and how you behave in your own home. If you’re unsure, you can find out your perfect personality colour through the ColourMatch test on www.argos.co.uk/ColourMatch.

3. Use colour to match you mood

You only need a splash of colour to change the mood of a space. Something as simple as scatter cushions on your sofa, a colourful kettle in the kitchen or a lamp in the living room can instantly change the mood of a room and how it makes you feel. That’s why I’ve been working with ColourMatch from Argos to make it even easier to find your ‘perfect colour’.

4. Decorating your home is an extension of you So many of us create a home to make other people happy. They aren’t living in it, you are.

Take your time finding the things and the colours you love. You’ll be creating a home that nurtures you, that loves you back.

5. Have fun Colour isn’t something to be fearful of. Experiment. If it doesn’t feel right then play around with the colour tones, the proportions, the placement until it feels right for you.

Do visit the website and have a look at the range, I  am sure that you will definitely have a whole lot of products down for that home makeover or your Christmas wish list.


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