Should you take your children to Las Vegas?

When we told people (family, friends and colleagues) that we were visiting Las Vegas with the kids, we were met with a lot of different opinions. Most said that Vegas wasn’t a place for children. I’m not one to take advice really and having done some research about Vegas with Kids in the blogging world, I knew that it was just as much fun for kids as for adults.

Do bear in mind that Hubs and I were not going to Vegas to play the slot machines so the kids tagging along would be no problem. Children are not allowed near the slot machines or any gambling stations. If you decided to try your hand at slot machines or anything else to do with gambling, you’d need to go out own your own minus kids. Or if you just wanted to try one round of slots (like I did) the children can stand a safe distance away. They cannot peer into the machines like they (annoyingly) do when I’m working on the computer. You’d be told off. I have this from experience.

That being said – children can walk through the casinos to look around and get to hotel rooms and other parts of the casino hotels.

We were told that we’d have to be prepared to be propositioned. We weren’t. We roamed as a family and were never once made to feel that we were unsafe or something was inappropriate for the children.

Folks mentioned that there was nothing for the children to do. My children are aged 13, 9 and 6 and they enjoyed every moment of Las Vegas. We stayed in a non-casino hotel and had a massive self-catering apartment to ourselves. It had a spectacular view of part of the strip and the airport. And…there was loads to do and see.

We went to most of the casino hotels and you must be knowing that each one is themed so there’s so much to see inside each casino. We tasted delicious food at the buffets and stuffed ourselves silly…on the desserts! And we also got to do some ‘touristy’ things like visit dolphins at the Dolphin Habitat. And we also took in some family-friendly shows that were pretty economical in price.

Yes, we didn’t do the ‘adult’ kind of stuff of visiting the casinos later at night or experiencing the night life. We didn’t miss it. We had so much to do during the day that we fell into a deep sleep every night in our very comfortable beds.

In short, we loved Las Vegas. We were there for 4 days and the time was too short to cover what we wanted to do. We fully intend to go back. With the children!

Should you take your children to Vegas? Absolutely.

In fact, I’ll be writing more in-depth posts about our trip with loads of tips on where to stay, where to eat and what to do, so stay tuned.

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