Roar ‘N’ React Boris Tyrannosaurus Rex

Hellllllppppp!!! We have a T-Rex in our home! It’s huge, it roars and it chomps!! And Ethan loves it! He is called Boris and is a character from the popular television show Dinosaur Train. From the house of Tomy, this interactive toy is one that will definitely enthrall all Dinosaur Train fans. This big Roar […]

Bathroom Singer? Or Surfin’ Beaver ? Bath Toy from Tomy – Review

Bath time is an especially special time made only more special and fun with toys such as these. I recently received a Surfin’ Beaver from Tomy to review. It looks delightful with its beaver teeth sticking out. Wind it up and it actually swims in the bath. Push its tail upwards and then it starts […]

Review: Neil the Seal from Tomy

Once upon a time, Jacintaz3 went to Woburn Safari Park where we saw a seal show. The children were entranced with the seals balancing the ball on their snout and couldn’t stop talking about it. Luckily for us, a short while later Neil the Seal from Tomy, was delivered to our house. When it first […]