Avengers Age of Ultron XXL Jigsaw from Ravensburger: Review

I always encourage learning through play. Jigsaws are a strong favourite here as I quite like doing them myself. I think with Jadyn I did a lot more of these but with Ethan, I kind of overlooked this and I though a little late, I want to encourage him to attempt more of these. I […]

Weebledown Farm, Mill and Barn Review

The children have been singing ‘Weeble wobble but we don’t fall down’ over the Christmas season and I have to admit that it is something that sticks in your brain. They were very excited to get the Weebledown Farm Mill and Barn to review. Now, they may seem a little old for this but when […]

First Impressions – Cayla, a Girl’s Best Friend

I have written about Cayla before but this time its all about a tea party and Cayla joining our household. A short while ago, I took the two girls to a tea party at Hamleys to meet Cayla. I had met her with Aeryn but Jadyn hadn’t so she was really looking forward to meeting […]

Kidipet – The Virtual Pet for your Child

Every so often there is a toy that we get to review that intrigues me more than it probably does the children. The Kidipet is one of them. We had seen advertisements of telly and it looked like fun. On receiving it, it was even more fun to play with. Kidipet is brought to you […]

Review: Olly the Little White Van books

I tried Grammarly’s online plagiarism checker free of charge because copycats do not get enough exercise for their brains.  I am an avid book lover and never say no to reviewing books, more so if it’s for the children as they love books too. We recently wrote about how much we enjoyed the Olly, the Little White […]

Spaghetti with the Yeti – Review and Giveaway

Who likes Spaghetti? Well, apparently the Yeti does! And I thought it was just my children who were pasta crazy. In this delightful book by Adam and Charlotte Guillain and Lee Wildish from Egmont, a little boy sets off to find a Yeti and on his journey, he meets several other hilarious monsters. When he […]

Of Fairies and Things – Flutterbye Fairy Review

I don’t know about you – but ever so often when I see an advertisement for a toy that looks really nice, I wish my children had one. Now obviously, I also make a mental note to myself to put it down on the birthday list or the Christmas list but sometimes…just sometimes, I don’t […]