My Favourite Poems on National Poetry Day

I’ve always loved reading poetry since I was a child – rhyming books, then verse and then the more intense blank verse too. I do have more of an inclination towards rhyming poetry though. As I grew older I took to writing poetry myself and most of my poems reflect the mood I am in. […]

Reviewing one of my favourite poems – The Owl and the Pussycat

I have always liked poetry. I write quite a few poems myself and I am most happy to see that my daughter at 10, is already showing signs of writing some pretty good verse. 🙂 One poem that has always amused me and that I like is The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear. […]

Who’s afraid of the Bogeyman?

Its almost Halloween – witches, spiders, monsters, the Bogeyman – things most people fear – but have you ever considered this? Who’s afraid of the Bogeyman? You and I and us. He stalks his prey by day or night And leaves behind a fuss. He’s the man in the park, The stranger next door, The […]

What’s it like in Heaven, Mum?

What’s it like in Heaven, Mum? Tell me, I’d sure like to know; Is it pretty and peaceful and calming? Among clouds white as snow? Are there seraphims, angels and cherubs All living side by side? Is there happiness, love and laughter? With nothing at all to hide? It’s not like down here, is it […]