Review: Mumbucks – Every Mum should have some!

      Once upon a time there lived a mum with three children. She worked all day long, cleaning and cooking and washing. She was very sad one evening as she wanted to watch the new season of her favourite television programme but couldn’t because she had to clean up the mess that the children had […]

Who will ‘Love’ my children?

My daughter 9 loves school but come 3.15 and she is ready to come home. My son 5, probably does not like school as much as his sister and is perhaps ready to come home at 12. 🙂 So, do I agree with the proposals of Paul Kirby and Mr Gove, to have extended school […]

Should I teach my child to be a fighter, a coward or a telltale?

I am fiercely protective of my children. So, when my little boy came home and said that one little boy in his class is always pushing him – the first thing that came to mind was to tell him to point him out and then go and scare the living daylights out of him so […]

My Darling Girls – Love, Mummy

Today 11th October is International Day of the Girl. I thought it was apt to write a letter to my two girls, to let them know how much I love them…. My Darling Girls, I still remember the day I held you in my arms for the first time. When you nuzzled into me – […]

Dove Self-Esteem Project – Empowering our girls.

Today is International Day of the Girl and I think it is fitting that we promise to empower our girls and build on their self-esteem. The following press release revealed that  – 47% of 11-14 year old girls are opting out of everyday activities such as swimming and speaking up in class because they don’t […]

Why I have renewed my promise to read my children a bedtime story…

In my rushing around to complete household chores at night and trying hard to get back to my computer to blog –  I realise I have been missing out on something very important  – reading them a bedtime story. I do read to them especially when it is a new book that has been delivered […]