Back-to-School Costs Continue to be a Burden for Parents

School fees and the cost of buying those back-to-school essentials continue to be hot topics in South Africa and a big headache for the parents who foot the bill. Governing bodies of some state schools across the country have recently met to decide on school fee increases, with many parents being burdened by what has […]

Being a Mum in 2017…Am I ‘SICK’ or What!

I tell you it’s hard work. Being a mum in 2017 is REALLY hard work. It’s not the looking after the children – it’s the keeping up with them and all the ‘in’ things especially the manner of speaking. In my days, ‘Sick’ meant you were unwell or as we grew older – ‘Don’t be sick’ […]

Making Tough Choices over Secondary School

When I was choosing a secondary school for my daughter, I wanted the best and applied to the best in the borough. This was even though I am not in the catchment for that particular school. It’s tough when you don’t live near the best school and want the best for your daughter. I shouldn’t […]