Nintendo Wii U – Mario Party 10 Review

The children love the Wii U and we spend some lovely times together playing games on it. We were delighted to be sent another exciting package from Nintendo which contained products to have a party. Yes, being a Nintendo Family Blogger means we get to do fun stuff. But it was not just any party, […]

Reviewing the New Nintendo 3DS

Did I ever tell you how much I love being a blogger? And more so how much I enjoy being a Nintendo Family blogger? Well, after reading this you’ll know why. Yes, we were sent the NEW Nintendo 3DS to review. Why do I need another one? Why not? The children have 3 DS’ that […]

Phonics Fun with Biff, Chip and Kipper: A Review

My children are hooked to their DS’. I have no problem with them playing on it as they have a mix of games that involve strategy, learning and thinking. I always try to reinforce learning at home by following up on reading, writing and Maths so that it improves their confidence in class and I […]

How to make a Super Mario Bros. 2 Door Sign – #Nintendocrafts

As I have mentioned before, I am enjoying being a Nintendo family blogger. I do get some great games to review but besides all that, we get involved in some lovely craft activities that the children and I love doing. The last time we baked cakes and we also created our own Mario Karts! This […]

Mario Kart 8 Blogger Challenge #1

We were sent a few challenges to complete to join in the race to complete Mario Kart 8. To help us we were sent this box of goodies so that we could create, race and get gaming. It also (just) happened to contain the new Mario Kart 8 game!! Yay!! As mentioned so many times, […]