Moshi Monsters Series 11 – The Countdown – Day 1

We are so thrilled to be doing this again not only because we now have 16 more Moshlings to add to our collection but also since I get to introduce these adorable, little monsters on my blog. These never-seen-before Moshlings are a delight to look at and I am sure that you will be looking […]

Moshi Monsters Gumball Machine – A Review

As you may have guessed with us being Moshi Monsters Official Bloggers, we have a good collection of Moshi Monsters at home. All my 3 children love them and I do find them rather cute too so I enjoy joining in the games too. There is just one problem – where can we keep them […]

Moshi Monsters Series 10 Reveal – Day 8

Aeryn has a lovely little leaf in her hand – Only its not a leaf – it’s Day 8 – and it’s….IVY Just like her we like hand cream and dislike ‘splatterpillars’ too. In fact we have been seeing a number of them around. Thank goodness they are all restricted to being outside the house […]

Moshi Monsters Series 10 Reveal – Day 6

Do you like bananas? Or do the children drive you bananas? Aeryn has in her hand a cool banana moshling. Day 6 – Splitz We think hanging out in trees is kind of cool especially when one sports such cool shades. We totally dislike being trodden on too and I personally don’t like cheeky chimps…. […]

Moshi Monsters Series 9 Reveal – Day 14

  Day 14 – An explosive welcome to  Prof. Heff Name and Species Prof. Heff the Molecular Chef Personality: Bumbling, ingenious, experimental. Mini Bio Looking for a simple snack? Forget asking a Molecular Chef because these science-obsessed Moshlings love over-complicating their cooking. In fact they won’t even poach a gooberry unless it’s boiled under strict […]