Observing Mini-Beasts with Bug Safari: A Review

There is something about bugs that hold our attention. Whether one is afraid of them or loves them crawling up one’s hand – we are fascinated. Have you ever stopped to see a spider spinning a web? It is an experience that will definitely keep you spellbound. It is amazing how meticulously these little mini-beasts […]

Review: Interplay’s Wild Science Lip Balm Lab

Jadyn’s created her own lip balm and is proud to show it off. It was super easy to do and in no time at all, she had her own special blend of formula ready. It looks great! Of course, this is all thanks to Interplay’s Wild Science Lip Balm Lab. Sporting a coloured, sparkly lip […]

Make your own bracelets with Super Loop Bands

There are some toys that I find myself trying out (please note, I have not used the words playing with) when the children are at school. This is purely to see whether the toys are suitable (yeah right!) But then, I begin enjoying the toy myself  especially if it is a creative toy. I find […]

Science is fun – Magic Nail Lab Review

National Science and Engineering Week takes place from 14 – 23 March 2014 and is a 10 day programme of science, engineering, technology and maths events and activities aimed at people of all ages. This year we are thrilled to be trying out a ‘Make your own’ nail polish as part of Science Week. What […]