10 Reasons Why Children Should Learn To Play a Musical Instrument

It is no secret that music has long since been recommended in children’s education and we have all learned music in some form or the other – singing class, recorder or other instruments. Schools have mandatory music classes and also offer paid lessons to pupils. Don’t be put off by the first squeaky, non-musical sounds […]

Leap Reader Reading and Writing System from Leap Frog :A Review

I love toys that teach and help the learning process. Luckily together with all the toys that entertain, I also receive learning toys for the children. One such toy I received was the Leap Reader from Leap Frog. I had my eye on this one for sometime so I was really pleased to be sent […]

Who will ‘Love’ my children?

My daughter 9 loves school but come 3.15 and she is ready to come home. My son 5, probably does not like school as much as his sister and is perhaps ready to come home at 12. 🙂 So, do I agree with the proposals of Paul Kirby and Mr Gove, to have extended school […]

Food for Thought with Save the Children

I love books and reading is my favourite pastime. I have also made it a point that my children love to read as I feel that books can help in so many ways. Besides giving one knowledge, books help in writing and take you to places that you may never visit and also transport you […]