Doh Vinci – The New Creative Range from Hasbro : A Review

My children love Play Doh. I on the other hand have a love-hate relationship with it. I love the scope of play it affords. I hate scooping it off the carpet! I was really pleased to visit Hamleys recently and be privy to the introduction of Doh Vinci – the new creative range from Hasbro. […]

Make your own bracelets with Super Loop Bands

There are some toys that I find myself trying out (please note, I have not used the words playing with) when the children are at school. This is purely to see whether the toys are suitable (yeah right!) But then, I begin enjoying the toy myself  especially if it is a creative toy. I find […]

A watch to match each outfit – Swap Watch from Cool Create

When you are a blogger, like I am, you will probably notice that your children get a tad bit spoilt. When they see something on television that they would love to have – they say ‘that would be lovely for a review on your blog’. At least mine do! Fortunately for them, they have been […]

Daisy Chains that never wilt from Cool Create

Choose a fabric flower and position it on the flower making unit. You can add another smaller flower and a plastic flower depending on how you want it to look. Add the stems to each flower Use the picker to remove the daisy from the unit Add a bead to the stem beneath the daisy […]