Win a My First Crayola and HUGGIES® Pull-Ups® Prize Bundle

So, you’re potty training. Have you given up already saying ‘Maybe it’s too early?’ Don’t you feel like that sometimes? After sitting for hours  long stretches of time, reading books, playing games – it still does not happen. If that sounds like you and you little one, of course, you will be thrilled with this prize. […]

Bring your colouring to life with Colour Alive from Crayola

We enjoy being Crayola Bloggers. We get to indulge our creative sides and try out new things. Like, when we tried out the Crayola Marker Maker and the Doodle Magic. This time we were very excited. We were being given a chance to bring our pictures to life – and play with them! What more […]

What your children’s doodling reveals about them

It was interesting to receive the below survey results. I encourage my children to doodle, sketch and draw because it takes their mind off playing on devices. I find that on the occasions that I have insisted that there will be no use of technology at home, they haven’t really missed it and we have […]

My First Crayola Doodle Magic – A Review

I love the Crayola products. I have always loved them and the children have grown up using Crayola. Now of course, they use it all the more because we are Crayola Bloggers. We were sent two products from Crayola recently that only made me even happier to be a Crayola Blogger. I love letting my […]

Zizzi’s and Crayola – A Perfect Combination

As part of my role as an Official Crayola Blog Partner, I was invited to Zizzi with the family for a meal. I like restaurants that are child friendly and the children normally look out for a pack of colour pencils or crayons and colouring sheets as quite a few restaurants cater to this. However, […]

Proud to be a #CrayolaBlogger

I am thrilled to announce that I am now an Official Crayola Blog Partner and yes I have a shiny new badge on my blog that looks like this. Excited is not the word for the children and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Both the older children were off school yesterday with […]