12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

I love Christmas. Have I said that enough times? The chill in the air, Christmas decorations and lights, the scent of pine at home, Christmas carols  – all invoke that warm, fuzzy feeling. And to share this feeling with you, I get to play at being Santa for just 12 days. (well, a little more […]

Introducing our Elf

Tomorrow our elf will be officially let into the house. She is called Ellie and is super cute. I have written out a letter from Santa to the children telling them all about her. ( A two page letter from Santa. Boy, did I get carried away!!) I am going to put Ellie outside the […]

You’d better be good – It’s time for the elf to report to Santa

I have been reading quite a bit about the Elf on the Shelf Christmas tradition and I think it’s a wonderful addition to all the Christmas Festivities. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! Perhaps that’s why my children love it too. Me, my children  – Did someone mention Scrooge? Bah, Humbug!! It’s easy to get caught up in […]

Get Ahead of Your Christmas Shopping By Saving Now

It’s a fact that the fall is the busiest time of year. From back-to-school, no more vacation time, and holidays on the rise, this is the time of year we all start breaking plans as that busy, overworked, tired sensation sets in. We begin to go into hibernation, and it feels as though we go […]

Light Up Your Christmas with Yankee Candles

I have a friend who is Yankee Candle mad and I used to wonder what she was so crazy about until I tried one out for myself. I love scented candles -they give the room such a wonderful ambience. I have to admit that I also have favourites and I am very partial to Yankee […]

Gacha Stocking Fillers from Tomy UK:Review

Are you on the lookout for stocking fillers for children? We normally get a whole lot of chocolate boxes and a few small toys for our children’s stockings. This year, I had an opportunity to review some Gacha stocking fillers from TOMY. I found these stocking  fillers delightful and the kids were thrilled with them. […]