Being a Mum in 2017…Am I ‘SICK’ or What!

I tell you it’s hard work. Being a mum in 2017 is REALLY hard work. It’s not the looking after the children – it’s the keeping up with them and all the ‘in’ things especially the manner of speaking. In my days, ‘Sick’ meant you were unwell or as we grew older – ‘Don’t be sick’ […]

Win Innocent Five-a-Day Smoothies for your Class

It’s back to school for mostly everyone now and the long, hot summer is over. Well, the one we were dreaming of and didn’t have, at least! Let’s look forward to winter and hope that next year there will be a summer! Anyway, that said, are your children dragging their feet already? I kind of […]

Monster High Freaky Fusion DVD Review

Jadyn has been after me to get her a Monster High doll. I have never given in to that request as I really didn’t see why they are so popular. We were however, sent the new movie – Monster High Freaky Fusion to review and I think I may have to get the doll after […]

Review:Baby and Child First Aid Course with British Red Cross

When I applied to do this course with the British Red Cross I thought it would be handy with 3 children. When I actually went to sign up for the course, I realised the course was 5 hours plus 1 hour lunch and 3 hours of travelling and I was wondering whether it was worth […]