Review: Olly the Little White Van books

I tried Grammarly’s online plagiarism checker free of charge because copycats do not get enough exercise for their brains.  I am an avid book lover and never say no to reviewing books, more so if it’s for the children as they love books too. We recently wrote about how much we enjoyed the Olly, the Little White […]

Epsilon A. R. Book Review

Title: Epsilon A.R Author: Zackery Alexander Humphreys Genre: Sci-Fi Synopsis: Hundreds of years into the future mankind has gone under-ground to relocate to Epsilon; a beautiful city run by a strong, secretive government that keeps its citizens in check by subtle manipulation and strict schedules. No one questions the city’s authority and no one is […]

The Gatekeeper’s Daughter Book Blast

The Gatekeeper’s Daughter In The Gatekeeper’s Sons, Therese and Thanatos, the god of Death, met and fell in love. In The Gatekeeper’s Challenge, they did everything they could to be together, even break an oath on the River Styx. But the Olympians don’t tolerate oath-breakers. In this final book in the trilogy, The Gatekeeper’s Daughter, […]

My First Book – Jade and the Tooth Fairy

I finally did it…After a few months of dedicated effort…my first book has been published on Amazon. I am thrilled to bits.   Jade and the Tooth Fairy is a story about a little girl called Jade, who stays up late on night to meet the Tooth Fairy. She asks the Tooth Fairy to take […]

Book preview Jade and the Tooth Fairy by Jacinta Zechariah

Written by me, Jade and the Tooth Fairy, is a tribute to my Mum and will be published this month. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. The idea for the story began when my daughter Jadyn wrote a letter to the tooth fairy to ask her what fairyland […]