A day out at the London Wetlands Centre with Robinsons

We have had a busy half-term but every bit has been enjoyable. On Wednesday, we headed off to the London Wetlands Centre for a day out with Robinsons. We were quite excited about the day as we had never visited before in spite of it being not far from home. We were at the event […]

Talking about those ‘Ooops’ Moments…

There are some things we talk about – poo and wee -with our children. It seems a favourite topic with them and Mums. There are some things we don’t talk about – like personal hygeine (even though we know that we may not be following it to the ‘T’) and those ‘oops’ moments. Come on, […]

Presenting – The Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator: combining function and style

I can quite get used to this – having an evening out in London in a beautiful home with lovely hosts and a fantastic dinner. This particular evening was rather special as it was held at The Violin Factory (featured in Grand Designs) and we were at the unveiling of the new Samsung Food Showcase […]

Clarks pioneers new foot measuring device for children

I only trust my children’s feet to walk in shoes from Clarks. Through the years, I have found that their shoes are stylish, comfortable and durable and far outlast their growing feet. After several trips to Clarks to buy Aeryn shoes and have her fall asleep on the way so she can’t be measured, I […]