Digimon Fusion Toys from Bandai – A Review

My son has opened up so many vistas of my world. I now know so much about Ben10, Transformers, Power Rangers and lately Digimon. I never knew that Digimon which has been featuring on television for some time now is actually the shortened version of ‘ Digital Monster’. Obviously, any toy that makes action sounds […]

Our new digital friend – Tamagotchi

You have heard of Tamagotchi haven’t you? Maybe you have even had one of your own when you were younger. After all, the very first Tamagotchi was released in 1996. Tamagotchi Friend is an interactive virtual friend that responds and develops differently depending on how you treat it. Of course, the Tamagotchi Friends does have […]

Harumika Interior Design Playset – Give in to creativity

Jadyn loves Harumika as you must know if you have been following the reviews we have posted on here. She loves designing clothes and has her career in mind – she wants to be a fashion designer. This time however, there was something of even more interest. She could now turn her attention to designing […]

Review: Badge It Badge Maker

Jadyn is at an age where she prefers crafty things or creative products to play with. She is very taken with Harumika and spends quite a bit of time creating designs. The idea of making badges is ‘cool’ (as she says) so I knew she would be thrilled to review the Badge It badge maker […]

Harumika Designer Dress Form Set Review

A short while age I reviewed a Harumika set with Jadyn. In fact, we liked it so much that when we were sent another one, we were quite happy. This was the Designer Dress Form Set. Jadyn and the other two little ones can spend a good amount of time playing with this set. There […]