Back-to-School Costs Continue to be a Burden for Parents

School fees and the cost of buying those back-to-school essentials continue to be hot topics in South Africa and a big headache for the parents who foot the bill. Governing bodies of some state schools across the country have recently met to decide on school fee increases, with many parents being burdened by what has […]

An evening of #SmiggleMania

Last week, we were invited to visit the Smiggle store in Richmond – after shopping hours and yes, we had the full store to ourselves. Well, us and a few other bloggers but it was just for us. Lucky us! Now as you must know Smiggle is the store with the coolest stationery. I have […]

A New School Year…Where does time go?

I can’t quite believe the summer is over – literally! It’s gotten a lot cooler now. It seemed like just the other day that I picked the children up after their last day of the school year and I was wondering how I would keep them occupied during the six weeks of summer. I needn’t […]

I missed doing the school run during the holidays…

I never thought I would say this but…I actually missed doing the school run! I may also regret saying this at a later date but for now, I did miss it. Today, my eldest now in Year 4, began the new school year and while getting ready and doing the school run, I found I […]

Stamptastic: stamp your way back to school

Naming the children’s school items and clothing is so important especially if they are new. I get a bit upset if I buy new items of clothing for the children of school and then we come back home to find them mixed up with someone else’s. This is not because I do not name them, […]