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My children are were petrified of getting water on their faces. Bath time is fun but washing hair can be a bit of an ordeal. We manage however, and yes they do get their hair washed. 🙂
We take them to the seaside as often as we can – given the weather in the UK. And with the weather being as is – mainly cold and cloudy, the sea water is normally freezing. Even in the height of summer, the water is not child friendly.
I did think that getting them into the sea for a paddle will rid them of their fear of water. I remember a time when my son would not even put his toes into the sea.

I was sent these lovely suits from Konfidence and I can happily say that they have done what the mean to do – given my children confidence of getting into the sea and getting rid of their fear of water on their faces.
Now to the actual suits. I love these suits. They look quite trendy and they are lovely to look at.

With regards to fit, they fit perfectly as my children do wear sizes up from their normal size so I went in a big bigger.
They are perfect for paddling in the sea and keep out the cold. My children are never shivering wet when they come out of the sea (even if its not summer).

konfidence 1
The suits are quite thick 3mm and made of neoprene but are still comfortable to wear.
They also provide 100% UV protection.

And the part I like best – the have a long zip tag and a zip guard to keep the zipper in place.
I couldn’t really ask for more. Could I? Well, probably that they are affordable. And Konfidence have got this sorted too. They are priced at £24.99 – a perfect price for making sure your children have an enjoyable seaside experience. And they the sniffles and colds stay away when you are back home.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above products to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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