Sweet Dreams with the HelloHome Disney Princess Carriage Star Time Toddler Bed from Worlds Apart

Every princess deserves her own special bed and mine is no different. As a mother, I wish I could give my children the world (as I suppose all mothers wish too). I can’t give my children the world for obvious reasons but sometimes I come pretty close to making their dreams come true. This happens to be one of those times.

We had been looking at toddler beds for Aeryn as though we had a cot bed she always felt more comfortable with the side up and she was getting a bit too old for this. She also had the habit of waking up and coming to our bed and that, as you know, can be quite uncomfortable. Besides, the waking resulted in us breaking our sleep and that can get to be quite tiring.

Then, we had a magical delivery of the HelloHome Disney Princess Carriage Toddler bed from World’s Apart. And our life changed. 🙂



This gorgeous bed in white and pink is shaped like a carriage. The bed itself if the lower part of the carriage with the wheels and the upper part of the carriage if formed of a beautiful canopy. There are gauzy curtains and frills and it is every little girl’s dream.

That’s not all – it also has a little seat at the footboard of the bed where a little one can sit and read and there’s more – it also has storage. There are 2 drawers to put books or toys or pyjamas.


With the above statements, you probably know that I am in love with this bed myself. Er…do they make these in a king size? Just kidding!!

Now down to the nitty gritty –

How easy was it to put up? Very easy. The instructions are clear and we took about an hour to get it all done.

The product itself is very sturdy and you will know that when you lift the boxes in which the parts arrive.


I love the glossy look of the bed as it gives it that extra bit of loveliness. Being white with the gold wheels painted on, the shine gives it that magical sparkle that all little girls love.

The canopy foxed us for a bit as we couldn’t figure out where to put the poles through. We were too excited and were probably not looking close enough at the instructions. 🙂


We got there in the end and the look on Aeryn’s face when it was up was enough to make me feel that I had managed to give her a little part of the world that she loved.

The head board and foot board have the pictures of the Disney princesses  – Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel and Ariel.



The bed is the perfect height for a little one and Aeryn gets on and off with ease. It is also low enough that if a child falls out, she will not get hurt at all. However, there are protective side panels that ensure that your little one is safe in her bed.

Aeryn loves her bed and yes, we have no more night visits. We have had the bed for a month now and  she sleeps through and doesn’t even come into our bed when I call her for a cuddle! I find this has resulted in a change in her overall behaviour as since she has a good sleep through the night she is not tired during the day and does not get cranky.

The bed is also great for imaginative play during the day and Aeryn uses the seat to talk to her toys and read to them, so it is great for playtime too.


I have to help Princess Aeryn out of the carriage every morning, in true coachman style!!


I love the little tie backs for the curtains – they make the bed look so pretty.

The bed requires a mattress 140 cm x 70 cm, which is the cot bed size and this needs to be purchased separately.


The bed is priced at about £229 and given the quality and the features, I think the price is understandable. It is the bed dreams are made of.

I recommend this product very highly as it truly lovely and of a very high quality. If you would like to purchase a bed like this for your princess, you can do so here at Very.co.uk

There are many other lovely products in the HelloHome range from Worlds Apart and you can view them here

Disclaimer: I was sent the HelloHome Disney Princess Carriage Toddler bed from Worlds Apart. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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