Surviving the evening meal with Birds Eye #Afterschoolchefs

By the time I have done the school run (several times over) I am quite tried and stressed. When I was asked to share my tips on how I make things easier, I knew I had to enter the challenge as I am sure there are many Mums like me out there who are completely frazzled by the time it’s time to prepare the evening meal. There is so much to see to at that time too – homework and hungry kids to name a few.

The children come home ravenous and really can’t be bothered to wait for a meal that takes time preparing.


I make sure that the freezer is stocked with things that I can prepare at the drop of a hat. Don’t frown at me – there is a healthly mix of veggies in there too.

A firm favourite with the children is the Birds Eye Sweet Corn that I normally serve up with a little butter and salt and pepper. It tastes delicious.

Of course, I normally have a freezer full of potato waffles (the children’s favourite), burgers, fish fingers and chicken nuggets. I find these are ideal for sudden play dates and perfect for when we have done a long day trip and come home too tired to cook.


It’s so convenient to have frozen peas and veggies in the house for a stir fry or a fried rice.

Burgers are also so convenient and so tasty.


My top tip for making after school meals easier is to make sure you have something that is wholesome and quick to prepare or the children tend to snack and it spoils their main meal.

Maybe the below lines helps put my evening after school into perspective…

What shall I cook? What shall I cook?

I’ve tried it all from the recipe book.

I need something quick I need tasty food

My children are hungry and that’s not good

They don’t want a curry, they don’t want stew

They don’t want to wait – for moments few.

I check out my freezer and to our delight

There are yummy meals I can  prepare for the night

There’s fish fingers and waffles – the savoury kind.

Pies, burgers, nuggets and veggies I find .

I whip up a meal in the blink of birds eye

The children are happy and so am I.

The children are fed it didn’t take time

To prepare a meal that was healthy and fine

So thank you to birds eye for making it a breeze

To get on the table some veggies and peas

5 a day sorted and chicken and fish

It all came together in a tasty dish.

It didn’t take long it tasted so good.

Now gather around for it’s time for pud!




 Disclaimer: This post is an entry for #Afterschoolchefs Challenge, sponsored by Birds Eye. Learn more on the Birds Eye Facebook Page.



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