Sure Motionsense Deodorant – Review

Summer = Sweat – well even though we may not have had much of either this year!

I normally use a deodorant throughout the year simply because I like feeling fresh. Who doesn’t?

Have you ever been in a crowded tube and had to hang on for dear life and…have several other people reaching up to do so too? Armpits! Eww….

Or needed to do the school run after a morning of mopping and cleaning and hanging out laundry and pushing the buggy and had no time to take a shower before doing so? Face it, you can’t keep having a shower throughout the day.

When I was invited to try out the new Sure Motionsense deodorant, I said yes immediately because I wanted to see if all they said about it was true.

I sprayed it on in the morning and after a day of doing household chores and running after the children and come evening, I still smelled and felt fresh. I’m pretty sure I put the motionsense to test.

The new Sure motionsense is available in Cotton Dry fragrance and I love that the scent is not too strong.

I like the new smaller bottle as it fits perfectly in a handbag especially one like mine that is filled with things for the children.


It is priced at £2 and is available in all major stores.


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