Super Mario Maker – Review

Mario is by now a hot favourite in our home – of course we’re talking about Mario of the Nintendo fame.

We’ve enjoyed playing Super Mario and all the other games that are so much a part of the Nintendo family. It does help that we are Nintendo Family Bloggers.

This one though was one that we were all interested in. Imagine being able to play Super Mario but…here’s the twist…on a course that you can create! Wow!


Yes, the new Super Mario Maker allows you to play the game either on pre-prepared courses or on one that you create.


So, on the PLAY  mode or the Mario 10 Challenge, there are game challenges of different levels where you have 10 lives in each. I’m a bit rubbish at these but the children are really good at navigating the courses and have a good laugh as I struggle to complete them. I am going to have a secret play when they are in school and brush up my skills. 🙂

Super Mario Maker Play Mode Screen
Play Mode

The CREATE mode allows you to create Super Mario courses with all the elements that you have in any 2D game – Koopas, Boxed question marks, Brick blocks, Fire flowers, Goombas and Piranha plants – it’s endless fun. Imagine Nintendo allowing you into their HQ to create Mario courses? Well, now you can do this from the comfort of your home.

Super Mario Maker Create screen
Create Mode

It really is great fun and easy to do – yes, I can do it! Just drag and drop the elements from the tool bar on the top of the screen to form your own course. We have definitely been making Mario go round in circles!

Now comes the best part – you can save the course and play it yourself or you can share it on the web for other people to access and play. OMG!! I would suggest that you have a little play on it yourself before you let it loose. 😉

If you use the Super Mario Amiibo you are able to unlock more moves and it adds more fun to the game.

We’ve given it a 5 star rating as the children just love it.

The game retails between £32 – £35 depending on the retailer.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Super Mario Maker game as part of the Nintendo Family Blogger Network. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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