#SummerDaysOut with Yogurt Pouches from Petits Filous

We love yogurt in the house. The kids can have it any time – in any form – the spooning version or the drinkable version; sweet, natural, Greek Style, with fruit or without it. Thank goodness, as this makes an excellent snack instead of sweets.

We were recently introduced to a new dairy product – Petits Filous Yogurt Pouches and this has gone down a treat with the children. One at a time just doesn’t do!

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This came at a good time because on Saturday we were headed off to the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. I thought it would be ideal to carry along these handy little pouches. So I ordered them with my weekly shop.

But it was not to be. 6 pouches were delivered alright ( 3 strawberry and 3 raspberry flavours) but the children came home from school and finished the lot. There were none left for the flower show.

We’ve also had some other exciting events like sports days where these pouches would have been very welcome – had they remained in the fridge that is.




According to the kids, they are lovely chilled  – it’s like drinking yogurt and it’s creamy and delicious.

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I love the packaging as it’s very handy to carry around – you don’t need a spoon and you don’t need to suck on a plastic packet -it’s so convenient. I like that you can reseal it – as in the cap can be screwed back on. It’s pouch shape only makes it all the more easier to carry.

Taste wise? I just got the last dregs to slurp but they do taste yummy.

It also has all the goodness of calcium and Vitamin D, does not contain artificial colours or preservatives or preservatives. It is gluten free too. What’s not to like?

Each pouch is priced at 79p but I got them on a 3 for £2 offer so even better.

I can see they are going to be accompanying us on all our picnics and #summerdaysout – that’s if the kids don’t find where I hide them in the fridge!

The flower show was quite interesting and the flowers were just beautiful.


In the meantime sorry about the lack of pictures of us with our yogurt on our outing – they were just too good to keep. We do have a picture of a beautiful flower from the show though!




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