Summer Make-Up:Keeping it light

With the weather being hot and humid, I’m often at a loss at what make-up to put on. I hate the feeling of foundation getting blotchy with the heat. And let’s face it – it does feel hotter with make up on.

For the summer season, I normally look for cool shades and light foundations that go with the look. Summer means more casual clothing and heavy make up (I think) just doesn’t go with shorts and flip flops.

Make-up Set. Collage

I have seen women go to the beach heavily made up and this is something that I can’t understand but then I guess – each to their own.


In summer, especially during the day, I tend to just keep to a bit of mascara and eyeliner and a lipgloss rather than lipstick. I prefer to accessorise with jewellery and the like.

Summer evenings may see me a little more dressed up especially if I’m attending a party and then I’ll probably get a light foundation on and a bit of eye shadow.

Of course, one thing I love about summer is being able to wear sandals and flip flops and thus getting my nails done. It’s always nice to see painted toe nails with sandals. I tend to keep changing the colour ever so often but I am partial to red and most of the time sport this colour.

Summer is also the time when my hair looks it frizziest! So I need to look out for good hair products to tame my mane. I recently visited Ellisons Beauty Salon Supplies and was inspired to visit a professional salon as a little treat this summer. They have a whole range of salon and beauty products at really great prices. You have everything for the hair and nails and body including moisturisers and tanning lotions.

Ellisons also has a site that gives you great beauty tips and the latest trends too. For more information click here

And while the weather is warm, go out and enjoy it wearing your favourite look.


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