Summer Love in Italy

A holiday in the sun – just what I need…

We have taken a few short breaks around the UK but I was just thinking of the last time I REALLY took a break. Possibly before I had the kids. 🙂

My #1 destination was (and still is) Italy. I love the stunning scenery and the warmth of the people. It does help that my sister lives there as well.

I remember my last trip – 2002 which is eons ago. Sun, food and many hours spent touring. I’ve visited Venice, Florence, Capri (which I adore), Rome, Assissi, Naples, Pompeii and the Amalfi coast (which is my favourite part of all)

I remember my nieces being really little -they are young women today. And I remember falling in love with every nuance of Italian life – the piazza, the pizzas, the cobbled streets, art, culture, traditions and fashion. What’s not to love?!


What I love about Italy the most, of course, is the weather. Sunny days all around especially in the summer. It’s hot and even a bit humid but to sit on a beach and watch the sun shine on the azure Mediterranean – sheer bliss.

And eating Gelato of course!

I remember being awestruck by the beauty of the Sistine Chapel, the paintings of the Botticelli angels. Holding my breath as we manourvered the narrow, winding roads en-route to Amalfi along the coast to be rewarded by stunning views and a glass of limoncello.

I will never forget the romance of Venice, walking along the canals and riding in a Gondola with my then boyfriend now husband. 🙂

Or standing in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa intrigued at it’s architecture.

I’ve never taken my children there – strange but true. The timing has never been right. I have seen my sister though as she has visited often.

Now, I would love to take my children and introduce them to this beautiful country. Give them a taste of real pizza, have them throw a coin into the Fontana di Trevi, climb the Spanish Steps and let them take in the splendour of the Sistine Chapel. Or I may just forget about all of these and sit on the beach and build sandcastles with them.


Whatever we choose to do, I’m sure it will be an amazing holiday and I do hope we get to go.

The photos in this post are from way back and are a bit grainy because they are of the era when digital cameras were not out yet. Or maybe I just didn’t own one!

Writing this post brought back so many beautiful memories of summers well spent. And that’s what a holiday is all about – when you make memories that make you smile years later.

PS – I can’t believe how slim I was.

I am now looking at making memories with the children with James Villa Holidays as they have some amazing destinations – Italy being among them.


Imagine the delight when I can tell the children we’re going on a holiday in the sun! I’d love to visit the Algarve with James Villa holidays. I’ve always wanted to visit Portugal. Why? Well, that’s another story.

This is an entry to the James Villa Holidays SummerLove Competition.

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