Sudocrem Mousse


When I was asked to review the Sudocrem Sunscreen Mousse I was very pleased to do so, as I was a great fan of Sudocrem and used it liberally for most things – burns, cuts, eczema and of course most of all for nappy rash. The idea of trying out a moisturizer and sunscreen from Sudocrem was a great one.

The packaging of the Sudocrem is eye-catching but not loud and can be easily seen on a store shelf. The best part of the moisturizer is the mousse effect that was a great treat for my children. They loved the fact that it came out like whipped cream and as a result did not fuss to have it rubbed on.

The texture is light and foamy yet still provides a layer of moisture to the skin. Its non greasy feel also went down well with the children as they are quite fussy about oily creams.  It thus helps not to block pores.


It spreads well and only a little bit goes a long way. Its Proderm technology which provides  moisture and protect the skin together with its hypoallergenic nature add to it being a good children’s moisturizer. Gentle on skin and specially formulated for babies and children, it looks set to take over as one of the No. 1 moisturizer sunscreens for children. It is fragrance free which is also a plus point when weighed against other sunscreens.

I did not get a chance to review its SPF factor too much due to the lack of sun but with an SPF of 50, you cannot go wrong especially where the children are concerned. Having a sunscreen factor together with a water resistant rating which is quite high will make it a good choice for the beach (of course when the sun does decide to come out once again in earnest !)

 I have been using it on both my children now for about two weeks and there have been no adverse reactions and they both have very sensitive skin. I would definitely recommend it.
Currently priced at £10.00 at Boots, it is a must have for all mums.

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