Stylish lighters from Zippo make perfect gifts

Right then, I don’t smoke, so what am I doing reviewing lighters?

Well, I do hope that since I started my blog, I try and bring you varied products that I know you would like to keep in mind for gifts and for use at home. And besides, these lighters looked too nice to refuse.


I have heard of Zippo (who hasn’t?) as being the ultimate in lighters and when I was sent these two sleek lighters, I was quite happy.


The first one is a windproof lighter. It has the Ying and Yang symbol on it and I think it would make a perfect gift. It is lovely and sturdy to touch and looks stylish. Now, down to how it works – it is a windproof lighter, which means that even in windy condition you will have light. I think it would make a lovely lighter to carry around and would definitely be worth putting into a survival kit as it will be perfect for harsh conditions.


The second one is a lovely candle lighter. If you have been following my blog, you will know that I love candles – I could have them all around the house. What could be better then, than having a candle lighter to make lighting them easier?

I would use a match but it can be frustrating when you try to strike one up and it doesn’t light up. Have you ever been trying to light up birthday candles and the match doesn’t light up and everybody is waiting for the cake to be cut? Well, it has happened to me – several times! And the quicker I try to get the candles lit with everyone watching, the more matches I waste. Sigh!


Now of course, that’s all changed. This handy, stylish candle lighter ensures that I get it right every time. All I need do is keep the button on the back pressed and then slide the switch to get a perfect, steady flame. I can also adjust the flame to suit.

The candle lighter would make a perfect gift for Mother’s Day – a bit out of the ordinary, I know but I would not mind getting one. It can also be used to light the hob if required.


Available in four elegant shades (Brushed Chrome, Harvest Bronze, Champagne and Candy Apple Red), priced from £9.75.

The Zippo Windproof Lighter is priced from £18 and there is a whole range of designs to choose from on the website.

Zippo lighters come with a lifetime guarantee and the Windproof lighters can even be inscribed to make the gift even more personal.

Disclosure: I was sent the above products for review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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