Stuck in a rut for dinner recipes?

We cook fresh meals almost everyday and only sometimes do the children have frozen fries or burgers or chicken nuggets. Let’s face it, it is easy and very convenient especially after a particular trying day with the children.

I can quite understand the finding of the research below. People are getting home later from work and there is no time to cook a full fledged meal. Also with children around it is convenient to make meals like pasta or jacket potato as children really enjoy them. I make them pretty often too. I would of course draw the line at cereal or biscuits but I do know a few people who have biscuits and cereal for their dinner.

I am sure that you will find the below research finding an interesting read –


We may be a nation of foodies but new research out today has found that a quarter of Brits (24 percent) eat cereal for their dinner at least once a week while 21 percent resort to the biscuit tin. 
The study by Birds Eye, which has launched a new range of tasty products to target midweek dinner monotony, found that a third of Brits (33 percent) admit to eating the same dinner at least twice a week. Furthermore, almost half of Brits (49 percent) reveal that they only have a handful of ‘go-to’ meals that they reuse week after week.
Despite this, the findings revealed that over a third of Brits (36 percent) now consider themselves a foodie, with over half (54 percent) stating that they actively seek out foods with big flavours and interesting twists when they do their grocery shop. The average Brit owns more than nine recipe books and watches a whopping 121 hours of food programmes on TV every year.  However, the research reveals that 40 percent of Brits are too tired to think about cooking a proper meal at the end of the day, with 45 percent wishing they had more time to recreate meals they have seen on television.
According to the findings, the average Brit has a repertoire of six midweek meals – dishes they prepare and serve in less than 30 minutes – with one in five (20 percent) relying on just three different meals to get them through the week.  Pasta was the most popular go-to dinner (33 percent) followed by a jacket potato (11 percent) and a stir-fry (10 percent).  39 percent said they were fed up with eating the same dishes again and again while over half (54 percent) said they wished they could serve up more exciting meals for their family.
Top five midweek meals:
1)       Pasta (33 percent)
2)       Jacket potato (11 percent)
3)       Stir-fry (10 percent)
4)       Beans on toast (8 percent)
5)       Omelette (8 percent)
Over a third of Brits (37 percent) cited long working hours while half (51 percent) said they couldn’t face clearing up the mess made by cooking from scratch.  Other reasons included never having the right ingredients to hand (36 percent) and food going off by the time they wanted to eat it (20 percent).
Last month Birds Eye expanded its adult dining portfolio with new products specifically created to make it easy to prepare delicious dinners during the week.  Additions to the meal range include Melt in the Middle Fish Cakes and Veg Fusions – a fusion of fresh vegetables complimented with herbs and seasonings which are gently steamed using Birds Eye’s unique Pyramid Steamer – which have been created to offer inspiring tasty mealtime occasions without the fuss, that can be enjoyed at every meal, every day and by everybody.
Helen Martin, General Marketing Manager at Birds Eye, said: “Foodie programmes and celebrity cook books are a national obsession, but many of us simply don’t have the time to try our hand at recreating delicious meals for ourselves at the end of a long working day. As our lives are becoming increasingly busy and time is such a precious commodity, it is clear to see from the research that we’re reaching for products we can trust to create great tasting enjoyable nutritious meals quickly and easily. Birds Eye products offer a solution to this problem by offering tasty midweek meals that can be prepared in a matter of minutes. 
“It’s all too easy to get stuck in a recipe rut and find yourself eating the same meal several times in a fortnight simply out of a sense of routine. However, our aim is to encourage Brits to find ways to make their weekday nights more varied and exciting in just a matter of minutes.”
Right now, off to cook some pasta!!

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