Stretch Armstrong – Review

Have you ever heard of Stretch Armstrong? He was a very popular action figure in the 1970s. I was of course busy playing with my dolls.

I was pleased to introduce my son to Stretch when we were sent the figure for review.


Stretch can strrrrrreeeeeecccccchhhh to 4 times his normal size and can even be knotted and twisted. The thing is that he comes back to his original form every time.

He is quite muscular to look at and sports a six pack.

Ethan has been enjoying playing with Stretch and the fact that he can be contorted into different forms fills him with delight.


Aeryn and he have a great time playing tug-of-war too.

It’s a wonder that Stretch Armstrong has never figured in an action hero film of his own. Apparently the idea was abandoned by several production companies but he could be coming to your Netflix screens next year. Sounds like fun.

06028 Stretch Armstrong LSS5

Stretch Armstrong has been designed to look like the original figure of the 1970s. He stands 30 cm tall.

The Original Stretch Armstrong is priced at £19.99 and is available from Character Online

I was sent this toy to review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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One thought on “Stretch Armstrong – Review

  1. I had the original and remember it fondly.
    This is NOT the original stretch armstrong.
    Its ok but if your like me and after the original then you may be disappointed. The skin isn’t as tough and he’s a lot more squiday and his trunks are painted on!
    Could have been better.

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