Strange but true…


Aeryn, Jadyn and Ethan

Whats in a name? Just about Everything

It is the name that a child will carry throughout her life.

Strangely enough, one probably spends all of the 9 months of pregnancy thinking up names and then when you hold your child in your arms for the first time, you know what you are going to name her.

When I was having my first child, I had thought of several names. We began with not knowing the gender of the baby so we thought of a girl’s names and boy’s name.

I wanted the baby to have the same initials as me so I thought of names with J. It was to be Jadyn – God’s Gift if it was a girl or Joshua if it was a boy.

Well – we had our darling daughter and we called her Jadyn Alicia (the second name after my mother-in-law, Alice)

With my second child, since we knew he was a boy – we went with the initials of my husband and thought of either Ewan or Ethan. When I checked the meaning of Ewan – it meant from the Yew Tree which normally grows on graves so we decided against it.

We chose Ethan instead meaning ‘the strong one’ and since I loved the name Joshua – that is his second name.

My second little girl – we wanted to keep her initials to her dad’s too and thought of Erin but Jadyn wanted her little sister’s name to end with a ‘yn’ like hers so we decided to call her Aeryn which means ‘peace’.  We figured we would need it with 3 of them at home!! Not really why we called her that, of course!

Her second name, after my mother, is Angela.

So after we had named all of them and we were filling up a form we realised something that we had not consciously planned-

All their names have the same number of alphabets = 11

Jadyn Alicia

Ethan Joshua

Aeryn Angela

Strange but true!!


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