Strand Bands Designer Set Review

Jadyn loves to make bracelets and last I heard it’s quite cool to sport as many bracelets as you can.

We were sent the cool new set to review – Strand Bands Designer Set from Flair


It involves using elastic bands to make bracelets or anklets or rings depending on how creative you can get.

When you take the products out of the box you are left with long bands, a styler and some beads to make 15 bracelets.


There are instructions to follow but there is no mention of cutting the bands. We did however figure it out and Jadyn got started. She took some time to get into the rhythm but was soon making bracelets for all of us.

She says it’s pretty easy to do and she managed to weave in some beads into one too.

The instructions can be a bit vague so if you really want to create some funky looking bands, it’s best you get onto You Tube and check out some of the videos.

The coloured elastic bands are perfect for matching clothes and Jadyn is looking forward to trying out some more complicated designs.

It does take some skill to make and the bands if not handled well can break off in the middle of design making which can be frustrating but Jadyn persevered and is determined to keep with it. She is planning on making some for her friends in school as welcome back to school presents.

strand bands

The set is priced at £19.99 and I think it will be very popular this Christmas. It is aimed at children aged 6+ but I think it is better for slightly older children.


The Strand Bands Designer Set is ideal for getting creative and stepping out in style.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above product for review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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