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Through the years, the children have lost a few items in school. Some of these have been small things like erasers and pencils but some involved jumpers and hats. School jumpers and school hats.

While it’s okay to lose stuff, I don’t understand why parents don’t hand them in when they see that it has a name on it. I have always put names on the children’s clothes because the last thing I need is to have them lose pieces of clothing.

Lately when I visited the lost property box, I did see that some of the jumpers had the tags cut off and this made me wonder if I was doing things right.

Luckily I was sent some gorgeous stickers to review and I know that I won’t be having the children’s clothes going missing in school.

Here’s why…

Stickerscape Name Labels cater to every possible need. You have round stickers for shoes, iron on labels for clothes and labels of different sizes suitable for books, bottles and pencil cases.

I was sent the Big Pack of mixed labels that contains over 171 labels that include iron on, round, small and large labels. The iron on labels were perfect for me naming their winter uniforms as I could attach it directly to the garment ensuring that tags were not cut off.

They are absolutely lovely to look at in pretty colours. The part I like best is that they come off the paper well and when they are stuck on they are difficult to take off. Which means that they can’t be removed easily.

I chose the Bird pack for Aeryn and the Cartoon pack for Ethan but there is a wide choice like unicorns, animals, Peppa Pig.

In fact, Aeryn is at that age where she loves to have these beautiful stickers on her school things and Ethan thinks his are really cool.

We were also sent a personalised mini jute bag for Jadyn. She loves it and takes her lunch to school in it. It’s stylish with just the right amount of sparkle – she says.

The mixed labels are priced at £16 for the large pack or you can order a small pack for £7.50 You can also order only the iron on labels if you like.

The personalised bag is priced at £8 and they make perfect gifts for teachers or even Christmas gifts for colleagues or extended family.

There are also quite a few designs and styles to choose from.

We are truly happy with the Stickerscape products and highly recommend them. There are also other products like wall stickers for the room, height chart stickers and window stickers that are gorgeous. I just love these Santa stickers.

They also have a fundraising scheme for schools that sounds amazing –


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