Staying active with Y-Volution

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A while ago I reviewed the Yvolution scooters and I must say that I like them more than ever for my children. They have withstood all the scrapes and falls and look as good as new.

The children love their scooters and I have found that besides the healthy benefits of going outside to play and wanting to get out more, they seem to have more confidence with other things too.

My children are not sporty and are a bit fearful of falling for some strange reason. However, the three wheeled scooter has made them feel comfortable with scooting and their have gotten pretty good at it.

In fact when they had a special scooter week at school, they took great pride at getting on their scooters to school everyday. The scooters look stylish and are durable and we have been using them for the past 4 months now.

Y-volution has a great range of scooters which start from the age range of 9 months. Yes you read right – 9 months. Of course these are not scooters per se but more like walkers and ride ons.


You can then upgrade to the Y-Glider 3-in-1 suitable from ages 1 – 5 which acts as a ride on or a scooter where the height of the handle bar can be adjusted to grow with the child.


Their Glider series has a range of scooters to suit ages 3+ and we have reviewed the Glider XL as mentioned earlier. Scooter-Cat-300x300 It is a lovely scooter, trendy to look at and hardwearing too.

The Y-Flikr is an innovative self propelling scooter. It has great sporty looks and is ideal for children who want a faster ride.


For even more of a rush, there is the Y-Flikr Carver, suitable from age 7 to adult. You can carve, drift and even do a 360.


YVolution even has a range of balance bikes for children aged 18 – 48 months and they have the same durable, tough material like the other Y-Volution products.


With YVolution, there is something for everyone in the family. I love the bright colours more neon-like and the prices are quite affordable. As a mother, I would definitely recommend their products. Besides with summer around the bend, it may be nice to get one for each family member. 🙂

Here is a video showing the Y-Flikr in action. It does look quite amazing, doesn’t it?

Disclaimer: I was not obliged to write this post. I just think that the Y-Volution products are really lovely.

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