Spring/Summer Fashion for Little Ladies

It’s May and it’s Spring – it may not feel like that with the cloudy skies and dull weather but it is. And that means it’s time for Spring/Summer Fashion. I look forward to sunny spring days that lead into summer and allow us to bring out our summer wardrobe. Spring and Summer are the perfect seasons for celebrations especially outdoors.

It’s time for wedding season as well as time for other celebrations. I love dressing up for these occasions and having two girls, I love looking for the ‘perfect dress’ to suit the occasion. I’ve been looking around for Occasion Wear for my girls but have either seen girls dresses too over the top or too toned down. It’s difficult to find the via media.

I stumbled across Mayoral and found some rather gorgeous dresses for my little ladies. They are simple and understated but perfectly dressed up for an occasion. The colours that they are available in are also rather lovely.

I personally love the little dress in the centre. It looks so beautiful and delicate. The embroidered tulle makes it ever so elegant too.

And Mayoral also has shoes to offset these clothes.

While browsing the site, I also some some lovely summer children’s dresses that I know the girls with love too. These are again summery and very fashionable. They range from floral prints to scenic prints and all look extremely seasonal and comfortable.



Another favourite that I thought deserved it’s own place is this really pretty blue dress. It reminds me of Spring. I like the simple detailing and yet it would stand out in a crowd.


Aeryn has a birthday coming up and I’m definitely going to be picking something out for her from among these dresses. I know she’ll look lovely.

I always like children’s clothes to be fuss free and yet look pretty. Mayoral seems to have it covered beautifully.

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