Sparkup – The Magical Book Reader: A Review

It’s Children’s Book Week from 30th June – 4th July. Children’s Book Week celebrates reading for pleasure and aims to encourage children to read more, discover new books, visit libraries and bookshops and do their own creative writing.

I think personally that reading is one of the best pastimes or hobbies. I love reading and I am happy to say that the children love reading too.

Since it is Children’s Book Week, I thought I would introduce you to this amazing product that I recently received for review. It’s called Sparkup – The Magical Book Reader. Has it aroused your curiosity?


Sparkup doesn’t just read your book for you. It allows you to record your own reading of a book in any language and then reads the book out aloud when you turn the pages.

How does it work? Sparkup has a tiny camera which acts as it ‘eye’ and has a computer chip for a ‘brain’. The camera takes a picture of the book and memorizes it. When Sparkup is connected to a book that has been recorded, it recognises the book and reads it out as the pages are turned.


Since the camera recognises the page – the pages can be turned in any order.

You can also download professionally recorded stories from the Sparkup website directly.

I think this is a brilliant product. It is great for children learning to read so they can record their own voice and better their reading and expression and intonation.

It encourages children to read more.

I think it is especially nice to have Sparkup so that one can record, besides parents, stories read by grandparents or aunts and uncles who  do not live with the children. In fact, my oldest, recorded a story in her own voice for her little brother and sister which is really sweet. I wish I did have it two years ago when my mum was still alive. She had such a lovely reading manner that the children adored.

In fact, I was away one night and the children still got their story which was brilliant.

Sparkup helps to let children have their story read to them in their favourite person’s voice which is so lovely for children with parents away at war or for business. It allows them to have their favourite story read to them by their favourite person.

Sparkup can store about 250 minutes of audio or approximately 50 storybooks.

It is an amazing product and I would definitely recommend getting one.

The product itself is very compact and folds flat. It is light and really easy to use as it guides you through the process so you really can’t go wrong. Remember to keep the book in the centre of the Sparkup so it can ‘see’ and read the book.

Here is a video to show you exactly how Sparkup works.

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