Spark – Movie Review

After the lazy summer days, we have been slowly getting up to speed with the new school year and getting up early to make the school bell. The weekends though are our own and it’s time for movie nights to kick in. We were recently sent Spark to review and here’s how we got on.

What it’s about

Spark is a wisecracking, teenage monkey who lives on an abandoned planet with his friends Chunk the pig Chunk, a fox called Vix and some insects. Thirteen years ago, power-hungry Zhong seized control of their planet Beta, wiping out Spark’s family and sending him into hiding. Now, Zhong plans to use the deadly space Kraken to destroy the entire universe, and no one but Spark and his ragtag gang can stop him.

What we thought

We loved the action and the adventure. The kids enjoyed watching it. It may not be a grown up’s cup of tea but then it’s not a movie targeted to adults. Spark is an amiable character and the film is sci-fi based so children will endear to it.

Here’s a bit more about the film –

Move over Kung Fu Panda – there’s a new animated hero for the 21st century in town in SPARK, ninety minutes of family viewing fun in a hilarious and inventive new DVD release from the makers of The Nut Job and Coraline.

Beautifully animated, action packed, and filled with great gags and memorable characters, SPARK also features a magnificent line-up of voice talent, including Hollywood superstars Patrick Stewart (outstanding as the cranky Scottish Captain), Jessica Biel, and Oscar winners Hilary Swank and Susan Sarandon; with Rob deLeeuw (Turbo Kid) stealing the show as Chunk, and Alan C Peterson being wonderfully diabolical as Zhong. Jace Norman, who plays the lead in the TV show Henry Danger, voices the mischievous monkey Spark.

Fans of The Secret Life of Pets, Minions and Despicable Me will be in seventh heaven with SPARK, an out of this world DVD that kids’ll want to watch over and over.

Starring the voices of –

Key talent:

Patrick Stewart (X-Men, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Family Guy)

Jessica Biel (Family Guy, Planet 51)

Susan Sarandon (Cloud Atlas, Speed Racer)

Hilary Swank (P.S, I Love You, New Year’s Eve)

Rob deLeeuw (Turbo Kid)

A.C Peterson (Sucker Punch)

Jace Norman (Henry Danger)


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