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I was sent a Sodastream Fizz model to review and the children (and I) were absolutely delighted. I like a soda now and again but to make it at home is so much more fun!

I love sparkling water with a bit of lime. So refreshing and to be able to have it at will is just great.

The box contains the Fizz Drinksmaker, the CO2 cylinder, a bottle and a licence for the cylinder. It also comes with an instructioDSC06281n manual. There were also 3 flavours of drinks supplied to get me started – Mango and Apple, Cranberry and Raspberry and Cherry.

The machine is quite sleek and does not occupy much space so it will fit easily in any kitchen. Ours is red and it looks quite trendy. It is also not that heavy as it is made of plastic but it is quite sturdy.

The children could not wait for us to make soda.  It was quite easy to fix the CO2 cylinder in following the instructions. The bottle has a steel bottom and is made of plastic. We filled the water with water up to the mark as instructed and left it to chill.

To fix the bottle, you need to push a lever and screw the bottle in. Then push the carbonating lever in short presses until you hear quite a loud buzz.

Fizz indicator

There is a carbonating level indicator on the Fizz model. Sometimes, this tends to give a bit of problem but this does not in any way affect the fizzy drink. You can contact Sodastream for replacement Fizz chip if required.  The indicator also tells you how much CO2 is left in the cylinder as you use it.

The Fizz model is available in major retailers and at and is priced at £99.

Sodastream is also giving away the 12 sample drink flavours when you register your Sodastream drinks maker.

It is a great addition to the kitchen and we love making our own fizz everyday.

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