Socks – Book Review


Socks by Nick Sharratt

Socks is a ‘socking’ good read. We loved Socks.

A book about socks? It’s probably not so interesting but Nick Sharrat makes it so. It is funny, rhyming and a great read for little ones. To be honest, I enjoyed it too!

So whats it about? Well not really about socks but about a little bit of everything with a lot of silly big words where one word has been swapped for sock like a ‘socktopus’, a ‘sockodile’ and  ‘the Sockness Monster’. To find out what these are – well you will just have to read the book!

We have read and re-read it several times now. Its brightly coloured illustrations add to the overall effect. It has a great rhyme scheme that appeals to little ones.

It’s a book for reading out loud and laughing out loud. We love reading it and then trying out our own ‘socky’ words.

Reviewed for Red House

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