Snooty Weasel Takeaway Sweets Review


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We love sweets at our home and when we were given a chance to review this unique sweet idea, we were really pleased.

Snooty Weasel is the home of Takeaway Sweets. It’s just the thing for those takeaway nights.

We were sent a box of Egg Fried Rice and Mushroom Chowmein. And yes, these are sweets.




They came in a brown bag much like a real takeaway and even had chopsticks to go with them.



The Egg Fried Rice consists of puffed rice, chocolate beans, fried eggs sweets and chocolate mice. The combination was perfect and we all had a lot of fun trying to use the chopsticks to pick the sweets up.


The children use the chopsticks perfectly. I am another story but I honed in my skills and managed to pick up a few pieces. In the end we wanted to get a lot more into our mouths than the chopsticks would allow so we abandoned the chopsticks and dug in!






The Mushroom Chowmein consists of cola whips, chocolate beans and sweet foam mushrooms. The cola whips   are a little too sour for me but the children just loved it. They thought the idea of eating sweets with chopsticks was just loads of fun.



I think this is a very innovative idea and a great one for parties both for children and teens and maybe even adults for a fun giveaway.



It is available from Snooty Weasel for £4.99 each or two items in a Banquet for Two for £8.99



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