Smart Homes: How gadgets make life easier in the home

A great many of us dedicate years to crafting our living space into our dream castle, whether it be decking, a patio, a garden room, or an open plan lounge with a homely, characterful kitchen. Or, it could be as simple as placing colourful accenting to liven up the minimal décor of a room. Whatever layout plans or decorative projects you take on, the sanctuary of the modern home is increasingly being enhanced by technology. Once all that work is done, you can make your home repay all that effort.

Here are some of the ways you can incorporate technology into your home to make life easier.

You may have heard of robotic hoovers, which are becoming increasingly affordable. Aside from freeing your hands up from one more chore, these compact critters get rid of the arduous task of hauling a clunky vacuum cleaner up the stairs – which, don’t forget, takes up storage space as soon as you put it down. More time for relaxing in the garden. But what about robotic lawnmowers? As we’ve seen from the hoovers, popular demand should soon see the price of robotic lawnmowers come down sharply too. It is an ingenious idea to help you get on with the pruning or the sunbathing, depending on how hands-on a gardener you are. They are very compact for storage and fairly low maintenance. And, importantly, they move slowly enough to operate safely around young family and pets.

Don’t want to cut short your lie in? You could be catching up on Game of Thrones in bed, without having to crane your neck over the laptop, or squinting at the screen from the other end of the room. These operate via push buttons at arms’ reach so you don’t even need to worry about losing the remote. Perfect for lazy Sundays.

When you’re out and about there are ingenious apps to view your CCTV camera from your phone. It has never been easier to get up-to-the-second info on your home while you are away, take and keep snapshots remotely from your smartphone should you spot any suspicious activity.

And that’s not all the life-enhancing technology you can control from your mobile phone. Instead of having to get up in the middle of a cold night to turn the heating back on, you can turn the thermostat up or down from your bedside table (via phone) or even while you’re working and browsing social media (via laptop and tablet). There are hundreds of apps to choose from and dozens of smart thermostats on the market.

For all the advances made in smart home gadgets in recent years, you could always go retro; who doesn’t want to wake up to a piping hot cup of tea waiting for you? We’ve been enjoying that luxury for decades thanks to the old fashioned teasmade. Vintage is always in!

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