Smart Globe Explorer AR from Oregon Scientific – Review

I loved Geography when I was in school. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that I was teacher’s pet. But I would work really hard to make sure that I had learnt my work and produced the best drawings ever for the subject. My children don’t seem so interested in the subject unfortunately. But something changed this month and they have been showing an interest in it. It’s probably due to us receiving this amazing SmartGlobe Explorer AR from Oregon Scientific.

It is a truly interesting globe that is perfect for a wide age range. You can journey around the Earth or the Solar System and get information via the wireless talking smart pen in the shape of a plane.

It has an interactive activity panel that has 42 educational activities and games. You can play a multiplayer game challenging others or go solo to challenge yourself.

The globe opens to reveal the Solar System and the Earth’s core giving you wide knowledge.

And to take learning and fun to the next level, all you need do is download the associated App and watch the globe come to life through AR technology. This is really cool and something that the children enjoyed exploring.

You can keep the Globe up-to-date by connecting it to the computer via the cable and downloading the latest software. You get free updates for a year.

I loved the World News button as it gives the latest world news.

There is so much to explore and learn with this globe. It also has a pull out tray that has a map of the UK which allows you to explore in more detail.

I love how the manufacturers have thought of everything as the tray doubles up as a stand for when you are exploring the inside of the globe.

It is a good size and is perfect for the home and even the classroom. I can see children wanting to learn more like my children do.

The globe informs of capitals, land area, history, features, national anthem, currency, time, weather and more and it is truly an all-encompassing learning tool.

The children love it and I love it too as it even taught me a thing or two.

It is priced at £129.99 and it is worth every penny because of the fantastic features.

The Smart Globe Explorer AR is available at the Oregon Scientific Store and you can access it here



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