Sleep Tight with Dream Lites – Review

My children are fine to sleep alone but they like to have a night light on. When we were given an opportunity to review Zippity Zebra from Mookie toys, I was quick to accept.


Zippity Zebra is part of the Dream Lites range and is quite adorable. Mookie are the manufacturers of Pillow Pets and Dream Lites are part of the new range.


The little zebra can transform into a toy if you fold it and link the strap or keep it flat and press the switch to have it light up your children’s ceiling like the night sky. The stars and the moon that light up the ceiling are a lovely sight for your little ones to fall asleep with. And there is also a twist as Zippity makes an appearance on the ceiling too.

There are different colour of lights-Amber, green and blue and you can have them on individually or     use the switch that allows the lights to automatically change colour. It also has a timer that you can use to automatically switch off so it does not waste batteries.


The Dream Lite does not include batteries so if you are ordering one do remember to have batteries on hand. Having said that, I have had Zippity Zebra in the house for about a month now and it is still working on the batteries I put in. This is with it being worked every night and during the day too of course. The children say that the stars don’t disappear during the day- which is quite right so how can I argue with them to switch it off?


The Dream Lite is available for £19.99 and there are many other animals that are available like the giraffe, puppy and unicorn and others.

With Christmas creeping up on us, this is definitely something that you should have on your list.


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