Sleep Tight All Night Unicorn Review

My little one is not so little anymore. But she is still little enough to require a night light and a huggable bedtime buddy. What better companion then than the Sleep Tight All Night Unicorn from Golden Bear Toys?


Yes, there may be quite a few bedtime buddies around but this one is different. I’ll tell you why.

First of all, the unicorn is an ideal bed buddy on it’s own – it’s soft and fluffy (think Despicable Me) and very huggable – when the light feature is removed from it.

Which leads me to the next feature where you can remove the light and sound bit and use it on it’s own. This is great for when you don’t need it any longer and the unicorn can be used as a cuddly toy. Which means that the toy can grow with the child.


The light and sounds feature can be customised with the help of parental controls. You decide what time the child sleeps and awakes. When you set the timer, the light glows red (Sleep Mode)  After the pre-set time has passed, the light shines green (Day Mode) telling your child that it’s morning or time to awake.

If your child gets up at night, she can squeeze the tummy to hear soothing sounds and a soft red light.

In Day Mode, the unicorn becomes a friend with fun phrases.


Perhaps what I like most is the ability to adjust the volume as well as turn it off. While some children are soothed by sounds, others are not and this offers parents the chance to cater to individual needs of the child. There are also 5 different sounds that you can choose from – waves, crickets, waterfall, rain and heartbeat.


The Sleep Tight All Night range includes a puppy, teddy bear, Iggle Piggle from In The Night Garden and the unicorn so there’s one for everyone. Being generic too, the toy can be passed down to siblings once outgrown. Although, to be honest, as I mentioned  it is one toy that can be kept on as a bed buddy. Jadyn still has cuddly toys on her bed.

The Sleep Tight All Night toys are priced at £29.99 with the exception of Iggle Piggle (priced at £34.99) and are available at all major retailers.

We love it so much that it also has our Elves Choice stamp –


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